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At Mad for Digital, we know what it takes to keep a small business growing and thriving in an ever-changing market. Our digital services will help your business generate new leads, retain current customers and beat the competition with strategic targeting and online management.

As your digital marketing team, we’ll ensure that your small business has the competitive edge by increasing your internet visibility,

Promoting your services on the appropriate digital channels and managing your online reputation.

With the right digital strategy, your small business will attract new customers who are already looking for your services, increase your return on investment, expand your brand awareness and stand out from industry opponents with a tailored digital strategy and deliberate customer targeting.

Our team of expert marketers will work with your business to create a digital strategy that stays in line with your core objectives. Every digital plan is tailored to your company’s values to reach your key market and promote your services to potential customers.

By utilising various digital channels and sales funnels,

we’ll generate a higher return on your investment.

We achieve this by gathering data on your industry, your competitors and your customer personas. From there, we’ll identify the best digital strategy to optimise your customer’s journey and push them towards purchasing your products or services.

When Mad for Digital does your online marketing, you’ll benefit from:

  • Online presence and digital management.
  • Google advertising and SEM campaigns.
  • Social media advertising, using paid and organic methods.

To build and manage your online presence, we’ll utilise organic and paid tools to push prospective customers down your marketing funnel and into your business.

On search engines, we’ll examine your website for on-page SEO and create paid ads to attract new users. We’ll conduct keyword research and analysis to boost our paid advertising efforts and to target users who are already looking for your services. We’ll utilise geographical targeting to show ads to prospective patrons in your area and use A/B testing to see which ads are performing best, to keep your cost-per-click down.

By building targeted ads, with compelling copy, we’ll help your business rise above the competition and top search results.

To supplement our digital paid ads, we’ll create powerful, insightful content that helps your business exude authority in your industry and content that will answer customers’ questions. This content will be shared on your website and on social media platforms to enhance visibility and build brand awareness.

By creating quality content, we’ll earn backlinks which will help your website rank higher on search engines and bring new users to your pages.

In addition to building ads and creating content,

We’ll make sure your business’s information is correctly listed on all online local directories and manage your reputation by creating a positive brand image, generating positive reviews and responding to negative reviews in an appropriate and timely manner.

To maintain customer loyalty and engagement, we’ll send regular emails to notify users of promotions, events, new products or services and specials. We’ll section your email lists, to ensure these emails are personalised to each customer and use compelling copy to encourage action.

At Mad for Digital, we understand the importance of every dollar spent on marketing – and how to maximise your small business budget for digital success.

Every campaign and content initiative will be reported to you with complete transparency, analysis and explanation.

At the end of every month or campaign cycle, you’ll receive a report detailing where we spent every advertising dollar and what we’ve generated from that investment.

Whether you opt to have our team of marketing experts educate you on the right digital strategy for your business and give you the tools to execute these campaigns, or hire us to take over your online marketing initiatives, you’ll spend less time worrying about how to acquire new customers and be able to focus more on what matters most – creating the best products or service you can.

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