We’ll find the most effective ways to maximise the SEO for your business’s website. We’ll begin the process by looking at your website in detail, everything from how it is structured to the page titles, links, keywords, image tags and hyperlinks. We also assess whether changes or additions to the content will help build your page ranking, increase brand awareness and your online presence.

What we do

It’s estimated over 80% of shoppers conduct online research before making important purchases.

We help build your search engine ranking using a holistic approach which looks at the technical SEO and the importance of quality content to improve search rankings that is becoming more critical than before.

We begin the process by conducting an SEO audit where we cover over 30 critical SEO factors. We’ll assess the on-page SEO factors against your desired keywords. We check technical compliance such as schema mapping, Latent semantic indexing (LSI) and check Google webmaster for any errors with your website such as missing tags.

An important factor is making sure the structure of your site and the content work harmoniously for search engines.

We do this by integrating the customer journey to understand the searcher intent, that way we are able to advice you on how best arrange your content so the search engine being able to identify how the content is nested.

Local SEO is another factor and it’s one of the areas of greatest change with the ever-rising use of mobile search. Making sure you’re on the map helps any business with stores or offices that need to be found.

We are always assessing user intent and this also applies for voice search too.

Voice is estimated to take a significant portion of all search which means your site needs to be voice search ready.

With every piece of content, it’s essential that you know your audience. If you haven’t identified your target audience, we’ll do that for you too! It’s important because voice search is more about using the correct phrase compared to what someone would typically type in a search engine. It’s also different types of content specific to voice.

To create your SEO content, we’ll conduct keyword research before anything is written. We then match this to customer personas, key market and customer journey This way we can focus every article or webinar to address topics or questions from your target audience, again reviewing their intent when they search.

At The End of the Digital Campaign Cycle

We’ll measure the results and report all data generated to you.

At Mad for Digital, transparency is of the highest importance to us. In your report, you’ll find the results of your digital campaigns, detailed analysis of each action taken and our suggestions to optimise and improve each Ad going forward.

Our digital strategies are regularly adjusted to provide you with the best results to grow your brand and drive conversions. Before re-launching your digital campaigns again, we’ll make all needed adjustments to ensure each campaign is more efficient and effective than the last.

Digital is changing the way brands understand consumer behaviour.

Implementing a dynamic digital strategy will allow your business to become more customer-centric, which will increase your business’s revenue and market share.

The core principle of our digital strategy is to maximise your marketing budget to get the most from your digital investment which, in turn, will allow your brand to be more responsive to your customers’ needs.

That’s why every brand’s digital strategy should be deeply rooted in their business strategy. By identifying your brand’s business goals and objectives, you can create a clear path for successful action.

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