We’ll create and manage your paid ads on social media and on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Mad for Digital will develop and implement social media and online marketing campaigns that will build brand awareness for your business, drive website traffic, and generate business leads.

What We Do

We’ll develop, launch and regularly monitor your paid ads on social media platforms like Facebook and search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

We’ll optimise each ad to generate the highest number of clicks to your website for the lowest cost. 

For search engine marketing, we’ll conduct extensive keyword research for your industry. We’ll look at your business and its competitors to see what types of keywords will best suit your ad campaigns.

Next, we’ll launch campaigns centred around those keywords to get you the highest return on your investment. We’ll make sure every campaign is optimised using the best broad, phrase and exact keywords.

Once the campaigns have been launched, we’ll track them daily to increase the number of users who convert. As noted in our SEO services, we’ll optimise your on-page keywords to ensure that your website is using the right words and phrases and is easy to navigate for the user.

Each ad will be optimized for display, where we’ll determine the best locations to show your ads, for mobile, where we’ll create ads that are optimized for mobile users, and for remarketing ads, that will track each user that visits your website and remarket your ads to them in various places they visit online.

Our ads will use precise targeting methods

to determine where your audience spends their time online and the types of ads they engage with most.

Each ad will utilise strong calls to action that encourage your users to click through the campaign.

At the end of each campaign cycle, we’ll analyse and report all data gathered from these paid campaigns and send you a comprehensive report.

On social media, we’ll build paid ad campaigns to generate brand awareness and drive website traffic. In each ad, we’ll create a compelling copy – tailored to attract social media audiences – and target each campaign to reach your key market.

Social Media Audit

First, we’ll conduct a social media audit to learn more about your social media audience and examine what your competitors are doing on various social platforms.

In this phase, we’ll determine which social networks are best for your business and create a strategy for interacting with your social media users. We’ll identify your audience’s interests and create paid and organic content that taps into their needs.

Next, we’ll set goals for each campaign and create an advertising strategy to meet those objectives.  

Then we’ll create the campaigns and revise them regularly, so each ad reaches the maximum number of users in your key market.

Our social media ads will target users at every stage of their buying journey – from awareness to purchase. Our growth-focused ad campaigns will drive customer acquisition, and our ad optimisation will maximise ROI.

For online success, every paid ad strategy should be supplemented by a strong organic SEO approach.

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