Lead Magnets & Downloads

We’ll create useful downloadable content (such as eBooks, white-papers, checklists, and video series) for your business that will generate contact information such as names, emails and phone numbers from potential customers.

What We Do

Our team of trained marketers will work together to create and design eye-catching lead magnets for your business.

Lead magnets, also known as downloadable content, are unique offerings that bring value to potential customers in exchange for their contact information. Providing your customers with useful leads magnets will help your business generate a higher number of targeted leads.

Often, we’ll try to address a specific problem facing your key market and provide a tangible solution in these lead magnets. By creating content with real value, users will be more likely to opt-in and share their information.

First, we’ll review which content you want to add lead magnets to. Next, we’ll send out various ideas of lead magnets for your review.

Once we get your approval on the type of lead magnets you’d like to use, we’ll create and design them and then deliver the lead magnets for your revision.

Some examples of our lead magnets:

  • Cheat-sheets: These consist of short tips, lists or worksheets that will help your customer identify and solve a specific issue. They have a professional design and are sometimes paired with an eBook to provide additional information on the topic.
  • Templates: Anytime you can offer a free template, you’ll generate more leads. This template should promote what your selling, not replace the need for your product or service.
  • Free Training: Here we’ll create videos, workbooks, and other tools that are emailed to the user on a regular basis. These lead magnets typically solve larger problems and require more step-by-step training approaches.
  • Toolkits: Toolkits generally are more complex but make very appealing lead magnets because they are full of useful resources like eBooks, worksheets, videos and checklists. The beautiful thing about toolkits, is if you already have a quality blog, you can compile existing content to fill out the kit.

Digital Assets

We’ll pull the highest-ranking content from your website and create lead magnets for these pages to increase engagement with your users and gather their data.

Every piece of downloadable content will be easily consumable (i.e. a piece of content that will catch your audience’s attention and is easy to use), have a sense of urgency (i.e. making the offer time-sensitive so the user is more likely to act now), and have shareability (i.e. something that your users will want to pass on to their peers, friends, and family).

It’s important that when creating useful lead magnets for your brand,

that your customer personas and key market are clearly defined.

Business lead magnets that see the highest conversion rates know who they’re targeting, what their customer wants or needs, and promotes a product/service that will satisfy those requests.

It’s important to have your customer personas clearly defined so you’re generating quality leads. These downloads should also be highly specific. We’ve found that lead magnets that are too general do not see the same conversions as those that solve a particular problem.

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