Even large, corporate clients often start their search for a new broker online. At Mad for Digital, we understand what a modern insurance consumer is looking for and how to attract convert these high-value online users into clients.

As your marketing team, we’ll help your insurance brokerage beat the competition

By increasing your internet visibility and promoting your services on the appropriate digital channels.

With the right digital strategy, your insurance business will attract customers who are already looking for your services, increase your clientele, expand your brand awareness and stand out from competitors with a vigorous digital strategy and calculated customer targeting.

Our team of expert marketers will work with your brokerage by forming a digital strategy that stays in line with your brand’s goals. Every digital plan is tailored to your business’s objectives and values to reach your key market and promote your services to potential customers.

By utilising various digital channels and sales funnels,

we’ll generate a real return on your investment.

To do this we’ll gather data on your industry, your competitors and your customer personas, we’ll identify the best digital strategy to optimise your customer’s journey and push them towards purchasing your services. Every sale funnel we create is optimised to make a maximum brand impact.

When working with our agency, you can expect:

  • Data transparency.
  • Regular analysis and optimisation of all paid ads.
  • In-depth monthly reports, consultation and analysis.

We’ll promote your financial services using an integrated approach, by means of paid and organic marketing strategies, to help your brand beat the competition, climb organic search rankings, generate online reviews and attract your target market.

While implementing your digital strategy, we’ll interact with your customers regularly to ensure that every new and returning client has a clear understanding of the polices your business offers, to get a competitive edge over similar brokerages.

At Mad for Digital, we’ll use strategic advertisements on social media and on search engines to reel prospective customers in by appealing to your target audience. Our ads will use creative and specific copy, while using precise keywords and phrases, to help your brand populate search.

Using keyword research and analysis, geo-targeting and A/B testing

We’ll optmise each paid search campaign.

We’ll see what your competitors are doing online and identify any openings and weaknesses. Then, using right keywords and locations, we’ll create hyper-targeted ads – complete with compelling copy and visuals — that generate quality leads at a low CPC.

On social media, we’ll run paid advertisements to build brand awareness and increase your page followers. We’ll create an editorial content for your brand with quality content that explains the benefits of certain insurance policies and stays on top of news stories to supplement this strategy. We’ll increase social media engagement by regularly communicating with your audience, answering questions and encouraging online discussions.

To keep your existing customer base active,

We’ll send emails with news, promotions, specials and reminders, using segmented lists.

By separating your clients based on factors like spending habits, likes and dislikes we’ll personalise our message, which will help create and maintain brand trust.

We always follow SEO best-practices, meaning we’ll inspect your website’s titles, tags, metadata, headlines, page content and implement calls-to-action on each page to make sure these are optmised for search and to encourage users to contact your business.

At every step you can expect the highest level of transparency. We’ll send you a detailed report at the end of every month or campaign cycle outlining what we did, what was spent and where it was spent, what we accomplished and how we can optimise our strategy moving forward.

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