Financial Services

In the financial services sector, we’ve worked with various professionals from CPAs, bankers and investors and understand what it takes to build a strong brand image and a credible reputation. Our goal is to partner with you, to generate a digital strategy that meets your business’s professional needs.

As your online marketer,

We’ll help your financial institution rise above the competition by increasing your internet visibility and promoting your services on the appropriate digital channels.

We’ll generate a digital strategy that makes your brand more visible to users who are already searching for your services, as a result, we’ll increase leads, produce greater brand awareness and stand out from your competitors with strategic customer targeting, using captivating copy and visuals.

Our team of expert marketers will work with your financial institution by forming a digital strategy that stays in line with your brand values and business objectives. We’ll implement a location-based digital plan tailored to your business’s goals to reach your key market and promote your services and location to your potential customers.

Using an omnichannel digital approach

We’ll generate a real return on your investment.

With every digital strategy, we’ll begin the process by gathering data on your industry, identifying your customer personas and developing innovative strategies to optimise your customer journey to push them closer to buying your services and staying loyal to your brand.

When working with Mad for Digital, you can expect:

  • Innovative digital strategies that drive results.
  • Market analysis and customer research.
  • Consistent branding.

We’ll promote your financial services using both paid and organic marketing strategies to help your brand beat the competition, climb organic search rankings, generate online reviews and attract your target market.

We’ll create effective search engine campaigns

With high ROI — by low-cost, high-visibility keywords, geo-targeting and A/B testing.

Once we have vetted the competition, we’ll drive home our marketing initiatives by using the right keywords and locations and by creating hyper-targeted ads that generate quality leads at a low cost-per-click.

In addition to implementing paid search marketing strategies, we’ll work to build your organic online presence using SEO best-practices. To do this, we’ll take a look at your website’s titles, tags, metadata, headlines, page content and implement calls-to-action on each page to encourage users to contact your business.

On social media, we’ll identify where your customers spend time and build brand awareness for your business on those social platforms.

We’ll optimise your business pages on each relevant social media channel and implement a content strategy to keep your audience active and engaged.

By creating attractive content and leveraging paid ads, we’ll build a devoted online community around your business. Every ad we generate will be market compliant and adhere to all recent advertising standards.

We’ll present each aspect of our digital strategy to you with the utmost transparency. You’ll have complete access to your data, and we’ll send you a detailed report at the end of every month or campaign cycle outlining what we did, your monthly expenditures, what we accomplished and how we can optimise each campaign moving forward.

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