Email Nurture, Sequences and Workflows

Email nurture, sequences and workflows: Using automated email systems, we’ll organise all the information we’ve collected about your leads and customers. Then, we’ll segment your emails by customer demographics, so your audience receives only the most personalised and tailored messages.

What We Do

Email marketing is a great way to follow-up with new leads and customers who already support your products.

By segmenting your leads and customers, you can organise all the information you collect from your online audience and keep that information stored and organised in one place. 

Using automated email software, we can capture new leads from your website, so you can instantly track your leads from each online medium – web pages, blog posts and landing pages – this way, you can see where and how users are interacting with your brand.

Collecting data on your leads will help you understand what behaviours they exhibit online, and which online mediums they use most.

Once we have sequenced your email lists, you can send personalised messages to new leads and to your current customer base.

Setting up these automated email systems allow you to carefully manage every lead you generate without spending unnecessary money on human resources. This way, your marketing material will target leads who are more likely to convert into customers.

Creating automated workflows will lead to higher conversions.

These workflows can include sending welcome emails to new subscribers, generating onboarding series to walk your new customers through your website or educating them on your product/service, setting up an abandoned cart workflow to follow-up with users who have not completed a purchase and win back sales, create downloadable content to generate new leads, follow-up with your most engaged users, maintaining a clean and updated email list and nurturing your leads to keep users engaged.

Automated email sequences and workflows should begin at the earliest phase of the sales funnel. And when this is done correctly, email marketing is a powerful tool to nurture new leads and increase conversions.

Tracking the Path to Purchase

An organised workflow will allow you to track a customer from the first action they take on your page.

Typically, this is signing up for a newsletter or email promotion. Then you can follow them as they move around the site and follow-up with them about the different pages they visit, offering a tailored incentive to complete their purchase. This can be done using promotions, coupons, downloadable content, webinars etc.


We’ll optimise these workflows by monitoring how users engage with these follow-up emails.

After each nurturing email, we’ll see if the user has engaged and send additional emails that continue to push them further down the sales funnel gently.

Automated email workflows are a valuable resource every business should be using. These systems allow you to get feedback from your current customer base through surveys, promote your content and incentives users to complete a purchase and interact with your brand on a consistent basis.

Email nurturing, workflows and sequences work best as part of a broader digital marketing strategy. When you have clear and defined goals, your marketing will become more targeted and effective.

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