Display and Video Advertising

We’ll create Google display ads for your business that will help your brand reach customers on the web, from their apps and on their mobile devices. We’ll use cross-channel video advertising to shape your customer journey and influence their behaviour.

What We Do

We’ll create display ads and video ads for your business and advertise them on hundreds of websites.

Wherever your users are searching for your products or services, these display and video ads will populate their desktop searches, mobile searches, and lead prospective customers from these pages to your website or social pages.

These ads help drive business by bringing the user directly to your website or social pages — and brings them back again when they’re ready to make a purchase. These campaigns are the perfect solution for boosting brand awareness, as they populate hundreds of the internet’s most popular websites.

In fact, advertising display networks are one of the most cost-effective marketing mechanisms to reach broader audiences with real results. Although, it’s essential that every ad is optimised to precision to reach quality prospective customers, so your advertising budget does not go to waste.

Video ads have been found to reach 4x more customers, increase purchase intent by 97% and increase brand awareness by 140%.

We’ll create a cohesive marketing message using customer banner and video ads, which will drive traffic online and in-store.

Our ads use precise targeting, to ensure that every piece of paid content is shown to your target audience. Every single display and video ad will be optimised for mobile, with clear click-to-call buttons to contact your business.

The process of creating display and video ads starts with a campaign strategy.

We’ll determine what campaign fits your business based on your specific goals. We’ll pick the best display networks and publishers to help you effectively reach your target audience, and then create the campaigns for your business.

Compelling Digital Assets

We’ll use your brand’s customer demographics to target these campaigns, ensuring that every ad is reaching users who are more likely to convert.

In this phase, we’ll determine the best keywords to use, the most useful website placements, and monitor each campaign to optimise results.

Each ad will be formatted to generate the most leads. Using a quality design, with clear calls-to-action, we’ll make sure every ad is in line with your business’s objectives and branding. We’ll create multiple versions of these ads, so we can perform A/B testing, boosting ads that deliver the best.

Once we’ve launched your display and video ad campaigns,

We’ll monitor their performance and track what needs improvement and what’s performing well.

Each ad will use URL tracking codes, so you know where every lead is coming from.

Our goal is to ensure that every aspect of your marketing funnel is easy to manage and provides a return on your investment. Every campaign strategy is tailored to your business’s goals and strategies and is created to meet your specific marketing challenges. Our digital strategies use the most up-to-date marketing tools and features, and always follow Google’s best practices.

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