We know what it takes to build a successful business association, and how to keep your members engaged. At Mad for Digital, we’re working with you as a team – our goal is to create a digital strategy with you, that’s tailored to meet each of your business goals and objectives.

As your digital marketing representative,

We’ll help your business association stand out online and make an impact by increasing your internet visibility and promoting your network and services on the appropriate digital channels.

With the right digital strategy, your association and will attract business owners, entrepreneurs and other professionals who are actively searching for an association like yours, while maintaining a robust and reliable online reputation.

Our team of expert marketers work with business associations from all sectors –

And will create a digital strategy that stays in line with your association’s core objectives.

Plus, we’re happy to implement marketing strategies for your association’s business members.

For community associations, we’ll help your brand grow and flourish in your local market as we work to attract new members with a consistent, strategic and regional online approach. On search engines and social media, we’ll promote your brand to prospective affiliates who are looking to network and join a community similar to yours.

When you work with Mad for Digital, here’s what you can expect:

  • Increased customer/member acquisition.
  • Increased brand awareness and brand loyalty.
  • Increased online visibility, leads and conversions.

To do this, we’ll determine the best location-based marketing approach for advertising your services. During this process, we’ll identify the right digital platforms to use for promotion and online engagement and develop a strategy that pushes your network to the top of paid and organic search results.

Depending on your digital package,

We’ll build and manage your online presence

Through search engine optimisation (organic and paid ads), strategic content development and copywriting services, reputation management and social media management (organic and paid advertisements).

We’ll use various PPC campaigns on prominent search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, using keyword research and analysis, geo-targeting and A/B testing. Before any copy or visuals are created, we’ll conduct thorough competition research to see what your competitors are doing online and identify any weaknesses that we can take advantage of.

On social media,

We’ll find out where your potential association members spend their time and generate brand awareness for your network on those social platforms.

We’ll optimise your page on each relevant social media channel and implement a content strategy to keep your audience active and engaged. By creating attractive content and leveraging paid ads, we’ll build a devoted online community around your business.

At every step of the process, you can expect complete transparency from Mad for Digital. You’ll have complete access to your data, and we’ll send you a comprehensive report at the end of every month or campaign cycle detailing what we did, how your monthly expenditures were spent, what we accomplished (ROI) and recommendations of how we can optimise each campaign moving forward.

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