About Us

The Mad team encompasses a group of highly talented digital marketing experts located across Australia and the United States that are hand selected for their ability to deliver results.

Eliminate the digital overwhelm and wasted marketing spend. 

With a clear and easy to understand digital strategy, our six-step process eliminates the stress of trying to get leads. We are all about delivering more customers to you in the most efficient way possible.

Our methodology gives us greater control over your campaigns and early indicators to know what will and won’t work, giving you confidence that your marketing investment will be worth every dollar.

We prioritise re-engaging your existing prospect lists and systemise your sales conversion, to generate new clients, gain referrals and upsell to existing customers, to absolutely drive the value before driving new leads from paid channels.

Our digital marketing strategy is a co-created plan, which identifies the scope, how it will be implemented and who will be doing what.

We utilise the native genius of our team and yours, to maximise the value to your business.

We work with you to understand what you can do and what areas you need help with.

Our planning framework spans the customer journey and defines the strategy, tactics, assets, content, tools, skills, owners and timeline, leaving no confusion as to what the next steps are.

Chris Melville

Chris Melville is a dynamic and madly passionate digital strategist with more than 25 years of experience in strategy and marketing across the evolving digital landscape.

She has worked and consulted in several industries including, insurance (Reliance Partners), banking (Bank West), engineering (Monadelphous), health & wellness, fast moving consumer goods (Nestle), wine (Sandalford), oil & gas (Woodside Energy & TXU), infrastructure & logistics (Aurizon), Property (Hawaiian), Human Services (APM) and Medical Services (Sterequip).

Having helped some of Australia’s largest and most successful companies to design their digital strategy, drive lead generation, resolve technology integration issues and delivered return a marketing investment, Chris knows digital.

Armed with these tools, systems and processes, Chris is able to give CEOs and marketing executives the ability to take back control and drive results.

It’s her passion that’s driven Mad For Digital’s ability to be adept at transforming the digital ecosystem for corporations. It’s her commitment to quality to review the all of the company’s activity, resources against its objectives and then design a digital strategy that covers everything from;

  • campaign structures,
  • marketing resources,
  • technology stack,
  • financial dashboards and much more.

Combined with her desire to share her knowledge, she knows not one size fits all and a three tier approach was born.  Clients choose if they want just the knowledge transfer (DIY), or a setup and hand over approach (Done with you) or a complete ‘Done for you’ service.

She has hand-selected the very best people around the globe who are experts in all areas of digital to create an amazing team who work as an extension of your team.

Chris helps corporations frame their digital marketing strategy to best suit their business objectives, while ensuring their digital channels deliver real value to their customers, driving long term growth and profitability.

Chris has developed a step-by-step process for mid-tier and large businesses to ensure success in the digital marketing space.

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